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    Accelerate Your Technology

    Are you a startup or small business with products or ideas applicable to defense technology? Do you have innovative ideas or disruptive technology that can revolutionize the way we protect our country? If so, the FM Defense Accelerator is the perfect opportunity for you and your growing business.

    Introducing the FM Defense Accelerator Program – designed to help early-stage defense startups and small businesses develop their products and bring them to market. Our program provides participants with access to world-class mentors, investors, and industry experts, as well as a network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

     Program Structure

    Unlike other accelerator programs, we do not have fixed program durations, nor do we have fixed funding amounts. We understand each product has different timelines and resource requirements, and we work closely with our participants to determine what they need to succeed.

    FMD offers a variety of resources to technology collaborators to support each participant’s development needs including:
    • FMD Gated Review Process
    • Research Facilities & Workspace
    • Mentorship
    • Education & Training Sessions
    • Periodical Assessment & Check-In Meetings
    • Marketing & Media Promotion
    Being part of the FM Defense Accelerator Program, participants will have access to FMD technical experts, technology team, service network resources, decision makers, investors and marketing channels. Throughout the program, participants will receive hands-on support to help them refine their business strategy, build a minimum viable product, and accelerate their growth. We’ll provide guidance on topics such as product development, fundraising, customer acquisition, and more.

    At the end of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your product to a panel of industry experts and potential investors. You’ll also have the chance to network with other technology collaborators and connect with potential customers and partners.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Startup focused on creating technology for marine and naval industries within the following areas but not limited to:
    • Defense Technology
    • Maritime Technology
    • Marine Autonomous and Unmanned Technology
    • System Efficiency Software, Technology
    • Augmented and Mixed Reality Tools & Software
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    Requirements for consideration in the program but not limited to:
    • Background or experience in marine technology or related field
    • Innovative idea that is related to marine technology
    • A team or co-founders to work on the startup or business idea
    • Must be a business or a single-person entity operating under their legal name. Where required by law, the entrepreneur must hold a valid business license
    • Willingness to commit to program’s rules and code of conduct

    How to Apply:

    If you’re ready to take your defense startup or small business to the next level, apply now for our FM Defense Accelerator Program. We’re looking for the next generation of defense innovators and we want you to be a part of it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    About the FM Defense Accelerator

    What is the purpose of the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • As a principal supplier of best-in-class maritime defense technology, FMD is well-positioned to recognize and foster pioneering solutions that have the potential to solve challenges faced by the industry. This program will help us identify and apply emerging technologies with mission-critical applications to the maritime defense market.

    How does the FM Defense Accelerator work?

    • The FM Defense Accelerator is aimed at technology companies developing products or services with maritime defense applications. It has a flexible structure that can be adapted to suit the specific needs and timelines of the start-ups and projects it supports. 

      If interested, please apply using the accelerator application. Once you submit your application, the FMD team will review the application and reach out to let you know if you application was approved. 

    How long is the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • Each company’s program length will differ depending on its development needs. A program can last as few as three months and as long as several years.

    FM Defense Accelerator Eligibility

    What businesses are eligible for the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • The FM Defense Accelerator is open to eligible entrepreneurs and technology companies with a great idea, product or application, and an appetite to work with us and benefit from our expertise and relationship with the Navy, Coast Guard, and Military Sealift Command (MSC).

    Does the applicant need to have sector experience?

    • Applicants don’t need to have prior maritime defense industry experience. In fact, one of the benefits of the FM Defense Accelerator is that we will leverage our relationships with the Navy, Coast Guard and others to introduce your technology to these key target audiences when it reaches a predetermined stage of development.

    What specific areas of maritime defense will the program focus on?

    • We want to develop hardware and software technology to support marine autonomous and unmanned programs, system efficiency software and technology, and augmented and mixed reality collaboration tools and software.

    Is business or management experience necessary?

    • While applicants should have a thorough business plan, their level of business experience will be judged individually. If the innovation is likely to scale in size and scope, funding, or a process to secure it, should be in place.

    About the FM Defense Application Process

    How do we apply for the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • You may complete an online application form here.

    When are you accepting applications for the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • Applications for the FM Defense Accelerator are accepted year-round. Acceptance into the program will be determined by the type of technology you are developing and the availability of resources that we can dedicate to your specific needs.

    How long will it take for you to review my application?

    • The review process varies depending on amount of applicants received.

    How will I know if my application has been successful?

    • An FMD representative will notify you once your application has been reviewed and if you were selected for the program. 

    How many places are available on the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • There is not a predetermined number of companies that may participate in the FM Defense Accelerator program. The number will fluctuate based on the availability of resources.

    What happens if my application is accepted?

    • Once a submission has been accepted, FMD will source the right team member from within our Technology Center of Excellence to work with the company and initiate a face-to-face strategy meeting to establish goals, needs and processes. This will be followed by regular interactions with your FMD team member. Technology updates or assessments, usually every quarter, will be conducted to determine progress.

    FM Defense Accelerator Resources and Opportunities

    What resources does FMD offer to support the companies in the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • Each program is customized to meet your specific needs. All programs will have an assigned team member from our Technology Center of Excellence. Additional resources may include access to FMD technical experts and our worldwide services network, brand exposure opportunities and marketing support and route to market advice and support.

    Does FMD plan to promote or market the companies taking part?

    • FMD may provide brand exposure opportunities and marketing support. Additionally, we will provide route to market. The specific types of exposure and support will be determined individually.

    Is there an opportunity to show the success of the project?

    • Presuming that involvement with the FM Defense Accelerator is enabling the company to meet its objectives, you may be invited to participate in our Technology Innovation Day or related trade shows and industry events. This provides an opportunity to introduce and demonstrate technology among target customers, including U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Military Sealift Command (MSC) representatives. As appropriate, the technology may also be demonstrated in the FMD booth at trade shows and industry events.

    Will FMD invest in our company or technology as part of the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • Investing in participating companies or technologies is not part of the FM Defense Accelerator. This program is designed to provide teaming opportunities and exposure to target audiences.

    FM Defense Accelerator Participation and Obligations

    Are there any obligations that participants should know before joining the program?

    • All participants are required by the FM Defense Accelerator Charter and Code of Conduct. These documents will be shared with you once your application has been approved. Beyond that, any obligations will be mutually determined in the scope of your FM Defense Accelerator contract.

    Is there a cost involved with the FM Defense Accelerator?

    • There is no cost to participate in the FM Defense Accelerator.

    Do we need to base ourselves at FMD premises?

    • No, working from an FMD location is not required to participate in the FM Defense Accelerator. FMD may provide you with space as needed and as available.

    Can you indicate how much time we must dedicate to the program, or is it full-time?

    • The time required for this program will be determined on a case-by-case basis. You will be required to participate in regular check-ins with your FMD team member and abide by any requirements outlined in your program contract. Beyond that, you will take away from the program as much as you put into it.

    Does FMD stay involved after the program has finished?

    • FMD will provide advice and support for your route to market. Beyond that, FMD’s involvement with your technology after completing the FM Defense Accelerator will be determined individually.

    Additional Questions?

    Who should I contact if I still have questions about the FM Defense Accelerator?