Flushing & Filtration

    For a Cleaner, Safer Operation

    Fairbanks Morse Defense provides leading flushing and filtration services for marine vessels and other facilities that operate large, highly sophisticated equipment engines and systems. FMD flushing & filtration services focus on proven fluid separation and cleaning systems that are specifically designed to address the maintenance and reliability concerns of heavy equipment used in critical operations in harsh environments.


    Fairbanks Morse Defense offers a wide range of flushing and filtration services:

    Flushing & Filtration

    • Lube Oil Systems: Turbines, Compressor Stations, Diesel Engines, and Marine Vessels
    • Hydraulic Systems including "EHC"
    • Fuel Oil  Systems: Marine, Power Plant, and Petrochemical
    • Cooling Water Systems
    • Sewage Systems
    • Grey Water Systems
    • Oxygen Piping Systems
    • Oil Reclamation / Conditioning Services
    • Water Removal from Oils

    Chemical Cleaning, Pickling and Passivation

    • Pickling of new and existing Carbon and Stainless Piping
    • Hypo-chlorination of potable water systems
    • VCHT Systems

    HVAC and Grease Duct Cleaning

    • Marine Vessels and Offshore Platforms
    • Industrial Plants and Mills
    • Medical Facilities
    • HVAC Sanitizing
    • Antimicrobial Coating
    • Marine Vessel Air Balancing

    Hydrolazing & Lancing

    • Guarded Lube Oil Piping
    • AFFF Piping
    • Drilling Fluid Transfer Piping
    • Sea Chests and associated Crossover Piping
    • Deck Drains
    • Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes

    Testing and Inspection

    • Hydro-static testing up to 30k
    • Laser and pore blockage particle testing of oils
    • Borescope inspections

    Consulting Services

    • Subject matter experts for total project oversight


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