Our FM OnBoard technology supports naval operations by enabling users across the oceans to learn and access live support through 3D simulation training that utilizes augmented reality and real-time data mapped from physical engines to digital twins. Why FM OnBoard? Using a hands-free interface and intuitive tools, you can have to access work instructions and multiple media formats in 3D space, increase operational availability, improve first-time fix rates, and reduce the time to repair. Leverage the capabilities of the most experienced personnel for training and technical support across the globe.
    with best in class marine technologies and service solutions.
    • Remote Collaboration
    • Asset Monitoring
    • Instruction Authoring
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Digital Twin

    Remote Collaboration

    Live party-to-party video conferencing with augmented reality enriched content that enables context rich, real-time interaction between a customer site and a technical expert.

    Asset Monitoring

    On-premise and cloud-based data historian that provides data visualization reports asset health and shows fleet level views and data aggregation. FMD provides the infrastructure to remotely monitor and report the health of an internet connected asset.

    Instruction Authoring

    Augmented reality enriched materials for training, guided maintenance, standard work procedures, and evidence recording. FMD authors, trains and deploys work instructions to guide standard maintenance and repair processes for technical staff.

    Anomaly Detection

    Unsupervised machine learning algorithm that detects and reports negative changes to asset performance. On-premise and cloud-base data historian that visualizes and reports asset health and stores identified anomaly clusters building an assets “maintenance brain”.

    Digital Twin

    A 3D digital asset that emulates the current state of an asset in real-time and can interact with a local asset.

    Fairbanks Morse Defense is revolutionizing technology solutions for today’s Maritime defenses. Mission-driven and honor bound, our commitment to equipping the U.S. fleet with the latest in technological innovation and strategic solutions is our top priority.
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