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    Fairbanks Morse Defense and American Fan provide air movement solutions with Axial and Centrifugal Fans and Blowers for industrial, commercial and marine/offshore applications worldwide. We are the primary supplier of shock-qualified fans for U.S. Navy surface ships, and our products and services are specified in 30 U.S. Navy shipbuilding programs, including DDG, LPD, LHA, FFG, and LCS. We understand the needs of the modern marine and naval industry and the requirements of the consulting engineers and contractors who serve it. Additionally, our industrial centrifugal fans meet the needs of customers in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to, aviation support, boiler/furnace, transit, conveyance and textile. 

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    There are two main classifications of equipment manufactured by American Fan:

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    Axial fans have been designed from experience and techniques borrowed from the Airbus design, computer simulation, and customer input. Axial fans are available in both direct drive and belt drive.

    The axial flow fan involves the motor rotating a hub with blades mounted to or cast into it, which moves air parallel to the axis of rotation. This type of blower is primarily used in ventilation systems.


    Navy Axial impellers are cast of aluminum that are not adjustable. These undergo stringent controls and inspections. The impeller is manually adjustable through the full range of pitch angles. All impeller components are X-rayed using real time radiography, and examined to ASTM E-155, prior to machining to assure casting integrity and quality. All impellers are precision balanced as a fan assembly to minimize vibration levels and assure smooth operation.

    Axial fan casings are made of heavy gauge steel with flanges and welded seams. The casing is manufactured to a stringent tolerance for roundness, which assures proper blade tip clearance for optimal performance.

    Axial Products Performance Ranges

    Product Category Max CFM Max SP (in wg) MaxTemp (F) Wheel Diameter Range
    JM 425,000 10.5 122 315mm to 3150mm
    Varofoil 400,000 13 104 630mm to 2800mm
    Evase / JMG 150,000 10.5 122 500mm to 1600mm
    EJ / CJ 100,000 10.5 122 315mm to 1600mm
    MXP 60,000 6.5 104 500mm to 1600mm


    A centrifugal blower uses a motor to rotate the bladed impeller within a scroll or housing. The flow of air or gas is moved around a fixed point, allowing sediments in the air to be caught. This very fact makes them great for pollution control, but they also serve as a high-pressure cooling mechanism.


    American Fan's range of centrifugal fans consists of fans for general air movement, emergency smoke extraction, and in the United Kingdom, ATEX explosive atmospheres. One piece or continuously welded outlet flanges with mounting holes and continuously welded are standard. Industrial centrifugal fans are designed with eccentric or spring lock bearings for positive bearing to shaft locking. Narrow width fans, unitary bases, and all arrangements are pre-engineered for lead-time reduction.

    We certify that the centrifugal fan models BCA, BCS, QBCA, QBCS, are licensed to bear the AMCA seal, based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA 211 and AMCA 311 and to also show compliance with the requirements of the AMCA Certified Ratings Program.

    Centrifugal Products Performance Ranges

    Product Category Max CFM Max SP (in wg) Max Temp (F) Wheel Diameter Range Bulletin
    DBCA / DBCS 190,000 20 120 12 1⁄4" to 54 1⁄4" AS-0953
    DQBCA / DQBCS 128,000 17 120 12 1⁄4" to 54 1⁄4" AS-0953
    BCA / BCS 100,000 17 1000 12 1⁄4" to 66" AS-0953
    PBCA / PBCS 90,000 12 700 12 1⁄4" to 54 1⁄4" PBCS-1201
    Plenum 50,000 10 104 315mm to 1250mm PLP-12-08
    QBCA / QBCS 43,000 17 1000 12 1⁄4" to 44 1⁄2" AS-0953
    IE 40,000 23 1000 12 3⁄16" to 57 1⁄2" IE-0606
    RB 12,000 110 700 18 1⁄2" to 39 1⁄2" RB-0502
    OVP 8,000 73 700 17" to 30" VP-0404
    BC 5,000 65 250 16" to 31 1⁄2" VP-0404
    AF 5,000 20 250 8" to 18" AF-0302
    SMB 4,800 3 180 8" to 12" SMB-1101
    N 1,730 69 200 16" to 31 1⁄2" VP-0404
    SC 1,400 4 120 3 3⁄16" to 12" SC-1000

    American Fan Company Supported Brands: 

    • American Fan Company

    • Garden City Fan

    • New Philadelphia Fan Company

    • Joy Fans*

    • Buffalo Forge*


    * American Fan Company supports Joy Fans and Buffalo Forge axial fans engineered for the U.S. Navy 

    Commercial Solutions

    In addition to the defense industry, Fairbanks Morse Defense provides solutions for commercial applications. This can include municipal and nuclear power plants, hospitals, universities, and stationary power applications.

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    Parts & Service

    Fairbanks Morse Defense offers an extensive portfolio of services to optimize performance, ensure reliability, and extend the life of your fleet - from the day its commissioned and for the many years that follow. Learn more about what our custom solutions can do for you.

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