A Hoist for Any Job

    Fairbanks Morse Defense and Federal Equipment Company offer complete turnkey crane service from design, engineering and manufacturing. If your hoisting needs also require the related bridge beams, runway beams, trolleys, end trucks, etc., or just a monorail system, we have the know-how to fulfill your hoisting needs.



    Shipboard Cranes

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      Fairbanks Morse Defense and FEC produce unique weapons handling crane systems such as the Trident Missile Service Unit (MSU) Crane as well as a munitions handling system for the SeaFox Surface Mine Neutralization System (SMNS). We also provide bridge crane designs that can be modified to suit the shipboard application. Whether air, electric, hydraulic, or a combination thereof, let us furnish your crane/handling system to meet the desired lifting capacities, coverage areas, vertical lift heights and speeds as per our Navy customers' needs. Applicable crane and/or weapons and material handling requirements as governed by ship and procurement specifications can be met (e.g., MIL SPECS, NAVSEA OP-4, NSTM 700, ASME b30.2, API 2C, CMAA No. 70, etc.).

    Commercial Cranes

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      We build top running and under hung cranes, both single and double girder cranes in the following ranges:

      • Capacities: ¼ ton through 300 tons
      • Spans: 5’ through 165’
      • Duty Cycle: CMAA Class A, B, C, D, E, F
      • Hazardous Environmental Components

      To learn more about the commercial cranes we offer, click here.


    Parts & Service

    Fairbanks Morse Defense offers an extensive portfolio of services to optimize performance, ensure reliability, and extend the life of your fleet - from the day its commissioned and for the many years that follow. Learn more about what our custom solutions can do for you.

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    Commercial Solutions

    In addition to the defense industry, Fairbanks Morse Defense also works with the commercial industry. Our commercial customers can include municipal and nuclear power plants, hospitals, universities, and international stationary power applications.

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