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    Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard provide a wide range of controls and components for standard and custom applications and unique parts. From electrical components and indicator lights for the newest land warfare technologies, to custom applications and unique parts, Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.

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    Motor and Heater Controllers

    fairbanks morse defense controllers motor and heater controllers

    With more than 2,000 designs available, Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard have a controller to fit every application. Known for their durability and longevity, our controllers are the dependable solution maritime vessels can rely on.

    Our controllers are built to serve in dedicated high-shock, high vibration, high-abuse environments and last for decades. We are uncompromising on quality control and assurance, so we manufacture each of the individual components on all of our controls. We build and test them to meet the DoD’s most stringent specs.

    Automatic Bus Transfers

    fairbanks morse defense controllers automatic bus transfers

    Automatic Bus Transfers (ABT) allow for the flow of uninterrupted power supply to your emergency power source. Our ABT Switches are the trusted name in reliability, providing the necessary power when needed most.

    Automatic Bus Transfer (ABT) Switches provide for automatic or manual transfer of three-phase AC loads in cases where a low voltage or no voltage event occurs on a power supply. Our ABTs transfer the load from the emergency bus to the normal bus automatically or manually, depending on your unique requirements.


    fairbanks morse defense controllers contactors

    Meeting MIL-Standard qualification MIL-DTL-2212, our portfolio of electrical contactors includes:

    Proprietary design contactors
    GE-designed contactors
    Navy-standard design contactors

    Combined, we offer a comprehensive array for application-specific requirements.


    We design and manufacture solid-state motor overload protection relays that adhere to NAVSEA’s stringent MIL-R-2033 and MIL-DTL-2212 standards.


    Overload Relays

    fairbanks morse defense controllers magnetic relays

    Magnetic Relays

    fairbanks morse defense controllers rotary mdr relays

    Rotary / MDR Relays

    Lights and Lenses

    Smart military lighting and lens solutions support a range of applications to provide reliable signal indications in the most rugged environments or applications. Our indicator lights are incandescent or light-emitting diode (LED) and handle voltages from 117V to 440V AC or 2V – 120V DC. They’re available with red, green, amber, blue, white, and clear color lenses as well as flashing lamps and watertight units.

    fairbanks morse defense controllers indicating lamps bulbs

    Indicating Lamps/Bulbs

    fairbanks morse defense controllers indicating light kits

    Indicating Light Kits

    fairbanks morse defense controllers indicator light holders

    Indicator Light Holders

    fairbanks morse defense controllers light lenses

    Light Lenses

    Starters and Push Button Stations

    Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard magnetic and manual starters adhere to MIL-DTL-2212 standards and are designed for continuous duty and general-purpose service unless otherwise specified.

    fairbanks morse defense controllers manual starters

    Manual Starters

    fairbanks morse defense controllers panel mounted push buttons

    Panel Mounted Push Buttons

    fairbanks morse defense controllers remote pushbutton stations

    Remote Push Button Stations


    We manufacture a wide range of watertight master switches, limit switches and panel mounted switches that are built to withstand high-shock, high vibration, high-abuse environments and last for decades.

    fairbanks morse defense controllers master switches

    Master Switches

    fairbanks morse defense controllers panel mounted switches

    Panel Mounted Switches

    Component Accessories

    Ward Leonard offers a wide array of fuse blocks, fuses, terminal blocks, and other ancillary equipment for use in panels, controllers, and switchboards.

    fairbanks morse defense controllers control power transformers

    Control Power Transformers

    fairbanks morse defense controllers fuse blocks

    Fuse Blocks

    fairbanks morse defense controllers power terminal boards

    Power Terminal Boards

    fairbanks morse defense controllers switchboxes