Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard offer a wide array of fuse blocks, fuses, terminal blocks, and other ancillary equipment for use in panels, controllers, and switchboards.

    Control Power Transformers

    • controllers-control-power-transformers

      Series 106.531 Transformers reduce supply voltage to 115 volts A.C. in control circuits of motor starters, controllers and other equipment.

      Key Performance Ratings

      • Voltage step down
      • Ambient 50' C
      • Continuous duty
      • Class B Insulation

    Fuse Blocks

    • controllers-fuse-blocks

      Use fuse blocks for holding cartridge-type fuses through 30 amps. Designed for use with style F61 fuses of Specification MIL-F-15160.

      Key Performance Ratings

      • 30 amps
      • 600 volts (max.)
      • Single pole

      Key Features

      • MIL-E-917
      • MIL-S-901 (for shock)
      • Fuse clips meet MIL-F-21346

    Power Terminal Boards

    • controllers-power-terminal-boards

      These one-piece terminal boards are for use in power circuits 50 through 600 amps.

      Key Performance Ratings

      • 50 through 600 amps
      • 600 volts (max.)
      • Number of points - three

      Key Features

      • MIL-C-2212
      • MIL-E-917


    • controllers-switchboxes

      Our switchboxes provide a voice powered telephone system in a Grade A shock and vibration qualified enclosure.

      Key Performance Ratings

      • Voice Powered
      • Grade A Shock and Vibe
      • Water tight
      • Non-magnetic (less than 2.0 mu)

      Key Features

      • Shock per MIL-S-901
      • Vibration MIL-STD-167
      • Watertight MIL-STD-108E
      • Dielectric Test
      • Insulation resistance
      • Electrical continuity
      • Non-magnetic (less than 2.0 mu)


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