Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard relays are built to serve in dedicated high-shock, high vibration, high-abuse environments and last for decades. We are uncompromising on quality control and assurance, so we manufacture each of the individual components on all our controls. We build and test them to meet the DoD’s most stringent specs.


    Overload Relays

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      Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard overload relays are ideal for critical applications in the toughest environments. These durable relays are able to withstand high shock and vibration to perform in the harshest conditions.

      We design and manufacture solid-state motor overload protection relays that adhere to NAVSEA’s stringent MIL-R-2033 standards. These state-of-the-art products:

      • Are available in thermal, AC and DC magnetic and reset versions
      • Are designed to increase monitoring capability and performance, while decreasing controller size and weight
      • Support Modbus, Profibus, and Ethernet protocols on multiple products

      Built to MIL-Spec requirements, our compressor motors are designed for decades of use in the toughest environments and provide duty-cycle performance to meet the requirements of Naval compressors while providing efficient power at constant speeds without fluctuation.

      Key Performance Ratings

      • Thermal compensation for more predictable overload exposure
      • N154 tested up to 100’C

      Key Features

      • Function: motor overload protection
      • Thermal, AC, and DC magnetic set and reset versions
      • Operation: magnetic inverse time delay type, self-repeat
      • MIL-R-2033 specification
      • MIL-DTL-2212 specification

    Magnetic Relays

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      Series N130 Magnetic Relays are recommended for applications where the pilot or control circuit must be established and interrupted repeatedly. These auxiliary control relays in one, two, three and four pole combinations are available for operation on A.C. (480 volts max.) and D.C. (250 volts max.) circuits.

      Key Performance Ratings

      • 1, 2, 3, or 4, poles
      • AC up to 480V and DC up to 250V Max
      • With or without magnetic blowouts
      • Continuous duty

      Key Features

      • Arc blowout available
      • Relays from all 3 QPL manufacturer designs (Ward Leonard, GE, Cutler Hammer)

    Rotary / MDR Relays

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      Fairbanks Morse Defense and Ward Leonard MDR Rotary Relay Series provides increased contact ratings compared to similar relays used in military and heavy-industrial applications. The increased contact rating enables the MDR Rotary Relay Series to be used in situations beyond the current-carrying capability of similar relays.

      Unlike other relay models that use two contacts in series to achieve this increased rating, our MDR rotary relay design frees contact terminals to control additional circuitry and simplify control wiring.

      Engineered to MIL-R-19523B (SH) and QPL for vibration, shock, and endurance testing, exceeding 500,000 operations, the MDR Rotary Relay Series are backwards compatible with models from other manufacturers. High reliability, high performance and increased contact ratings make the durable MDR Rotary Relay ideal for the most demanding applications.

      Key Performance Ratings

      • High current capacity on contacts

      Key Features

      • Contact arrangements 4 PDT-12 PDT
      • Increased contact ratings eliminates need to have connect in series
      • Standard and low noise options
      • Standard meets requirement of MIL-R-19523B (SH)


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