FM 38D 8-1/8
    Diesel & Dual Fuel

    Power Range 1,566 – 3,628 kWb

    The FM 38D 8-1/8 engine combines time-tested design features with modern advances including Enviro-Design dual fuel technology. The result is an engine proven to be efficient and reliable, with a long history of satisfied customers.

    • Designed and developed for a wide array of electrical power generation and heavy industrial applications
    • 40+ Year Service Life
    • Seismically-qualified for multiple configurations
    • Base load (110% overload 2/24 hrs)

    Engine Specifications


    • Cylinder Configuration: 6L, 9L, 12L
      Cylinder Bore-mm (in): 206 (8.1)
      Piston Stroke-mm (in): 254 (10.0)
      Cycle: 2 Stroke
      Displacement/Cylinder- L (cu in): 17.0 (1,037)
      Mean Piston Speed-m/s (ft/min): 7.6 (25.0) 900 rpm | 8.5 (27.8) 1,000 rpm
      Fuel Type: Diesel and Dual Fuel (Natural Gas + Diesel Pilot)

    Power Ratings

    • CYLINDERS: ASPIRATION 50Hz 1,000RPM kWe / 60Hz 900RPM kWe
      6L Turbo-blower 1,506
      6L Turbocharged 1,580
      9L Turbo-blower 2,260
      9L Turbocharged 2,370
      12L Turbo-blower 3,013
      12L Turbocharged 3,165


    • CYLINDERS: L (Length) mm W (Width) mm H (Height) mm DRY WEIGHT TONS (Metric)
      6L 6,262 2,471 3,307 25
      9L 8,186 2,407 3,239 33
      12L 9,304 2,662 3,239 38


    All ratings subject to factory-approved application.
    Ratings are based on:
    -- 90ºF (32.2ºC) ambient temp.
    -- 28.25 in Hg (71.8 cm Hg) barometric pressure (min).
    -- 1,500 ft. (457 m) altitude (max). Standby ratings available.
    The kWe ratings are based on generators with nominal efficiencies of 96.2%.
    All dimensions and rating data given is for base load generator set.


    Parts & Service

    Fairbanks Morse Defense offers an extensive portfolio of services to optimize performance, ensure reliability, and extend the life of your fleet - from the day its commissioned and for the many years that follow. Learn more about what our custom solutions can do for you.

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    Commercial Solutions

    In addition to the defense industry, Fairbanks Morse Defense also works with the commercial industry. Our commercial customers can include municipal and nuclear power plants, hospitals, universities, and international stationary power applications.

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