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    Hunt Valve specializes in the design and manufacture of proprietary valve technology for critical service industrial applications, including steam, high pressure, hydraulic/water, sea water and pneumatic. Our team of highly skilled engineers can alter the design and dimensions of our products to fit into existing piping configurations, reducing installation cost and time.

    When you need reliable control of high pressure hydraulics/water flow for safeguarding the movement/handling of material in your manufacturing process, Hunt can design a customized automation solution for your application. We service the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical power generation, and primary metals industries for applications that require the utmost safety and precision. Whether you need a linear actuator, hydraulic system or flow control valves, Hunt Valve has the optimal solution to meet your requirements.


    Accumulator Safety Shut-Off Valve

    • valves-accumulator-safety-shut-off-valve

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Descaling systems that use an accumulator require an accumulator safety shut-off valve to prevent the inadvertent loss of the pneumatic charge into the system due to a low-level condition. Loss of the pneumatic charge typically results in costly unplanned downtime to recharge the system.

      Hunt Valve’s ceramic seated poppet and plunger-style descale valves are well-suited for use as accumulator low-level safety shut-off valves. Both valve configurations offer the same reliability and long service life as they do on spray header control applications. The following actuation and control options are available for our ceramic seated poppet and plunger-style descale valves:

      Valve actuation
      - Electromechanical for maintenance-free operation on our ceramic seated poppet valve
      - Pneumatic or hydraulic actuation on our plunger-style valves

      Valve control
      - Performed via a signal from an accumulator-level control probe (also available from Hunt Valve)

      Hunt Valve’s accumulator low-level control valve designs are configured to fail closed in all models to prevent the release of the accumulator air charge into the descale system due to a low-level condition.


    Descale High Pressure Strainer Valves

    • valves-descale-system-strainers

      Strainers within a descale system should be included for each descale spray valve for the large filtration of high-pressure water (700-micron level). The strainers are installed prior to the descale spray valves to protect the internal components of the valve from large debris.

      At Hunt Valve, our rugged strainers can withstand the severe-duty cycles of the industrial descale systems in steel mills. These high-pressure devices are designed to avoid the plugging of descaling spray nozzles, resulting in scrap product and profit loss due to surface quality defects such as scale streaks. Strainers placed in the line with the descaling valve prevent any foreign material that’s large enough to be harmful from reaching the spray nozzles.

      Hunt Valve’s strainers are also used to protect the internal parts of the operating valves. All foreign particles filtered out of the stream of water passing through the strainer are stopped by the grooved rings and collect outside the strainer basket. The basket can be cleaned by removing it from the housing and spraying a jet of compressed air between the rings.

      Product Specifications:
      - The maximum working pressure for all sizes is 5,800 psi. (As the basket clogs over time, the outlet pressure will drop. This differential pressure must be monitored to avoid damage to the element and subsequent damage to other system components.)
      - The standard filtration rating is 711 micron; custom ratings are available to suit your nozzle requirements.
      - Installation is allowed in the horizontal or vertical positions.
      - While standard ANSI and DIN flanges are the most common, special configurations are also available.


    Descale Pressure Reducing Orifices

    • valves-pressure-reducing-orifices

      A pressure breakdown orifice is required to control the fluid flow rate when discharging from High pressure to Low pressure requirements such as pre-filling descale headers and centrifugal pump minimum flow bypass. This orifice is located in the bypass line around the descale spray valve for Header Prefill and on the high pressure discharge side of the pump.

      Hunt Valve’s pressure breakdown orifices are specially designed for maximum life and ease of maintenance. These orifices are individually created to handle the pressure drop and pressure/flow rate requirements of each application. A series of heat-treated stainless steel orifice plates are used to reduce the pressure from the inlet to the outlet. Each orifice plate is designed to provide a small pressure drop, which spreads the wear throughout the components. O-rings with Teflon™ back-up rings seal the orifice plates to the stainless steel housing. A unique feature of Hunt’s design is an extended stainless steel liner located at the outlet side of the orifice assembly which protects your mating piping system from erosion due to the high-velocity turbulent flow exiting the orifice plates.

      At Hunt Valve, each breakdown orifice assembly is designed for the customer’s specific application, considering inlet/outlet pressure and flow requirements. The following flange connections are available: ANSI, SAE 4-bolt or DIN. Special flanges and configurations can also be designed. Pressure test ports can be included to easily monitor wear. Installation is allowed in the horizontal or vertical position. The orifice assembly is mounted between piping flanges; no mounting brackets or additional supports are required.

      The pressure breakdown orifice can be used in any application where the system pressure needs to be reduced at a constant rate with a constant flow. A typical descale system can include the breakdown orifice for both pump bypass and header pre-fill applications.



    Mega-Flo C Pump Bypass Valve – Minimum Flow

    • fmd-valves-mega-flo-c-pump-bypass-valve-minimum-flow

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Hunt Valve’s Mega-Flo C Descale Valves (2-, 3- and 4-inch models) are known around the world for its innovative design and quality engineering. This fast-acting, smooth-shifting product consistently provides high-pressure water when needed. Using the world’s most advanced ceramic material, the valve’s radial-ported plunger is precision-machined.

      With a radial-ported plunger design, the seal is pushed away from the plunger by the fluid pressure during shifting, offering a significantly longer seal life. In addition, the staggered flow slots provide gradual acceleration and deceleration of flow during plunger shifting to prevent damage to the piping system from velocity shock (water hammer).

      The valve’s inherent wear-resistant design and stringent material specification help ensure a long service life for this critical component. In fact, the valve’s smooth-shift operation helps prolong the life of all components in the descaling system.

      Product Features:
      - Zero leakage.
      - Fail-safe, open design.
      - Electronically controlled.
      - Easy and positive position monitoring.


    Mill Duty Series Standard Poppet Pump Bypass Valve – Minimum Flow

    • valves-descale-system-strainers

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      The Hunt Mill Duty (SPV) Descale Valve for descaling pump bypass applications incorporates robust construction and the world’s most advanced materials to deliver ultimate durability in a mill duty descale environment. This Mill Duty Pump Bypass Valve defaults to an open valve position.

      Our poppet descale technology addresses the common issues associated with valves commonly available for descale applications:

      - Pilot Valve Reliability and Durability.
      - Seat Wear and Erosion.

      Mill Duty Cartridge Offers Maximum Durability
      Hunt’s poppet design incorporates Heat Treated Stainless Steel Cartridge components with both soft and hard seat configurations for maximum durability. In addition, we offer optional hardfaced configurations for the ultimate in corrosion and wear resistance.

      Mill Duty Housing
      Hunt’s poppet design incorporates salt-bath nitrocarburizing of the housing and cap to deliver mill duty corrosion and wear resistance.


    Pump Bypass Check Valves

    • valves-descale-pump-bypass-valves

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Check valves are required at the pump discharge lines to automatically prevent the backflow of descale water from the active pump units into a standby pump or a pump in the bypass mode.

      At Hunt Valve, our check valves are built with hardened seats to withstand the frequency of operation without failure. They are manufactured with the high-quality design features required for the severe duty cycles of the steel mill industrial descale system. The poppet design is engineered for reliability and longevity in the dirty descale water environment.


    Mega-Flo C Plunger Valve

    • valves-descale-spray-valves

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Hunt Valve’s new Mega-Flo C Descale Valves are the longest lasting plunger-style descale valves available.

      This ultra-durable plunger-style descale valve saves customers 33% on the total cost of ownership over competitors’ poppet style valves. The savings is based on the initial purchase price and maintenance requirements over the first three years of service, then a 50% reduction in maintenance costs thereafter.

      Why Hollow Plunger Technology delivers better durability
      Zero Leakage and extended durability:

      - Since the UHMW plunger seals create a zero leakage seal, internal component damage from water jetting is eliminated.
      - Since the UHMW plunger seals are only directly exposed to the high velocity water flow for 1-2 seconds per shift, wear is minimized.
      - Since the UHMW plunger seals are pushed away from the surface of the plunger when shifting the valve, wear is minimized resulting in longer service life and improved contamination tolerance.

      Product Features:
      - State-of-the-art valve based on Hunt’s proven core plunger technology.
      - Advanced materials used in Hunt’s proven integral pressure breakdown design.
      - Forged housing designs are treated for corrosion and wear protection to extend the service life of the housing.
      - Stainless Steel Housing Liner can be replaced in the field.
      - Upgraded cylinder design for less corrosion, wear and friction due to the following:
                Nitrocarburized piston rod and tie-rods.
                Low friction urethane piston and rod seals.
                60 RC hard anodized cylinder bore.
      - Low-turbulence flow plunger design.
      - Plunger contained in the pressure vessel for safety.
      - Staggered flow slots provide gradual acceleration and deceleration of flow during plunger shifting to prevent water hammer.
      - Proximity switch or Transducer options for position feedback.
      - Isolated air actuator, kept away from the high-pressure fluid.
      - Anti-extrusion seals without grease requirements.
      - Seal is pushed away from the plunger by the fluid pressure during shifting to prolong life.
      - Sealing surface is NOT exposed to the water flow path when valve is open or closed.

      Mega-Flo Cartridge-Style Plunger Assembly
      Extend the life of your existing valve installation by replacing your old-style cartridge. The Mega-Flo C cartridge assembly is a drop-in fit to the existing Mega-Flo A or B installation for easy field upgrade capability. It offers the benefits of the Mega-Flo C enhancements without having to replace the entire valve system. The cartridge is a 40% cost savings versus purchasing a complete new valve.

      Electromechanical Actuator for Precision Control
      Do you have cooling issues with your strip from continuous header pre-fill flow? An electromechanical actuator shifts the plunge from the pre-fill flow position to the full off position to reduce this problem. The new linear actuator design provides precision control.

      Besides solving your cooling issues, this actuator:
      - Provides the necessary prefill to prevent water hammer and resulting header damage.
      - Eliminates the maintenance and reliability concerns of operating an external high-pressure solenoid-operated prefill control valve.
      - Relieves safety, maintenance and reliability issues of operating a low-pressure prefill system.
      - Offers flexibility to shut off the prefill flow when not required, thus providing increased flow and pressure available for descaling to the system or a significant energy cost savings if one pump can be shut-down by eliminating all of the continuous prefill lines in the system

    Mill Duty Series Descale Valves

    • fmd-mill-duty-series-descale-valves

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      High durability equipment designed to withstand harsh operating environments and hard wear.

      The Hunt Mill Duty (SPV) Descale Valve is a true mill duty valve design that incorporates robust construction and the world’s most advanced materials to deliver ultimate durability in a mill duty descale environment.

      Our poppet descale technology addresses the common issues associated with valves commonly available for descale applications:

      - Pilot Valve Reliability and Durability.
      - Seat Wear and Erosion.

      Mill Duty Pilot Valve Cost Savings
      The SPV series descale valve delivers higher durability than any other system’s piloted design thanks to our stainless steel spindle technology. This feature delivers a 15% Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction compared to other media piloted designs over a three-year period.

      Our pneumatic solenoid pilot valve design results in additional maintenance cost savings. It is manufactured from stainless steel with hardened seats to provide total corrosion resistance on your system. This valve delivers 100% shifting reliability due to the high force solenoid air pilot operation. This removes the possibility of sticking due to varnishing or contamination.

      The SPV pilot valve delivers a 15% TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings over a three-year period.

      Mill Duty Cartridge Offers Maximum Durability
      Hunt’s poppet design incorporates Heat Treated Stainless Steel Cartridge components with optional seat configurations using soft seat, hardened stainless or Hardfaced seats for maximum durability.

      Mill Duty Housing
      Hunt’s poppet design incorporates salt-bath nitrocarburizing of the housing and cap to deliver mill duty corrosion and wear resistance in the standard configuration and an option for full stainless designs for the most demanding environments.

      Additional Options
      The SPV series valve is available with a variety of options to suit application preferences including:
      - Gag devices for maintenance shut-off and lockout.
      - Proximity switches.
      - Integral header pre-fill control and pressure breakdown.


    Combo Directional Control Valves

    • fmd-combo-directional-control-valves

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Hunt Valve’s Combo Directional Control Valves are manufactured with the high-quality design features required for the severe duty cycles of steel mill hydraulic systems. The combo valve evolved from Hunt Valve’s H Series Valve product line and has proven to be one of the most reliable valves in the world for low-viscosity fluid applications.

      This valve line includes the auxiliary control valve products required to complete the functional requirements of a hydraulic control system. These valves are also utilized within oil systems for severe-duty applications where other valves cannot deliver reliable performance.

      Product Details
      Combo Directional Control Valves are designed for 95/5 water/oil service and have also performed reliably in the aluminum industry for low-viscosity based fluid applications. The combo valves are rated for up to 5000 psig and flow rates up to 400 GPM. They are designed with heavy-duty seals for zero leakage and are also available as lapped versions where seals are not acceptable in the circuit. All valves offer four-way operation and two- or three-position configuration. The valves can be supplied with a variety of pilot valves to suit the requirements of your circuit. The hydraulic pilot valve version, direct solenoid version and air pilot version are all available.

    MV0 Valve Series

    • fmd-mv0-valve-series

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Hunt Valve’s MV0 Valve Series Directional Control Valves are designed for the central hydraulic system within the rolling mill. The MV0 Series is an upgrade of the original MSA valve line (V03 & V05 Valve). These valves were specifically designed for high water-based fluids. With two-, three- and four-way operation as well as two- and three-position configuration, these valves are highly versatile for a variety of mill line applications. Hunt Valve has continually upgraded this technology to make the valves easier to use.

      MV03 & MV05 Valves
      Hunt Valve’s MV03 & MV05 Directional Valves are manufactured with the high-quality design features required for the severe duty cycles of the steel mill industrial descale systems. The V03 & V05 Series, the forerunner of the MV03 & MV05, has proven to be one of the most reliable valves in the world for severe mill duty applications.

      The M in the product name stands for “modular.” We upgraded this line of valves to include modular cartridge units that significantly reduce spare part requirements and streamline the maintenance procedure for the end user. The MV03 valves are rated for 3000 psig while the MV05 valves are rated for 5000 psig.

    Single Plunger Valves

    • fmd-single-plunger-valves

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Hunt Valve’s Single Plunger Series Valves are low-pressure air and water valves. Therefore, this valve offers superior performance when functioning within air circuits contaminated by water moisture without having any negative effect on the valve. The brass bodies and the stainless steel plungers have made this valve one of the most reliable air products for severe service in the industry.

      Product Details
      The single plunger valve is designed with a brass casting or bar stock housing and a stainless steel plunger. The easily replaceable air pilot simplifies the shifting action of the valve, but with a high force for positive shifting.

      The single plungers are rated for up to 250 psig and are available in sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 2 inches. They are available with two-, three-, four- or five-way operation and with two- or three-position configuration. The valves are designed with heavy-duty U-packing seals for zero leakage and are easily replaceable to maintain an airtight system.


    Isolation Valves

    • fmd-isolation-valves

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Isolation valves are required for positive shut-off of portions of the descale system during system maintenance. The valves are located at the pump discharge, the accumulator discharge and the descale spray valve header lines. While these valves are only required to be closed for maintenance, they must also perform for leak tight shut-off when needed.

      Manual Isolation Valves
      Hunt Valve’s manual isolation valve is similar in design to the Mega-Flo B descale valve, retaining the heavy-duty body construction and the sliding plunger on standard isolation valves with flow in only one direction. This provides the most positive seal and minimizes any leakage.

      Our isolation valves are available in 2-10 inch sizes. The vertical installation is suggested to permit overhead access for preventative maintenance on the valve. Isolation valves are available with direct manual hand-wheel operation or with an electrical motor operator. The electrical motor operator version is equipped with a manual hand-wheel override..

    Pre-Fill Valves

    • fmd-pre-fill-valves

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      Pre-fill valves give you on/off control of the existing descale water for pre-filling the spray headers. This prevents the shock that occurs within the descale piping system when the main descale spray valves are opened to an empty header. The pre-fill valve is installed as a bypass around the descale spray valve. The versatility of our 2-inch and 3-inch descale spray valves make them the perfect choice for use as header pre-fill valves, Descale Valves and Pre-Fill valves.

      Mega-Flo B (2- and 3-inch Models)
      Hunt Valve’s Mega-Flo B 2-inch and 3-inch control valves offer a reliable, cost-effective means for low-flow descale spraying or descale header pre-filling. Our experience with field application problems associated with the fully mechanical protection valves of other manufacturers has led us to adapt and customize our Mega-Flo B products to fit this critical application.

      Product Features
      - Zero leakage
      - Electronically controlled
      - Easy and positive position monitoring

    Rotary Joints

    • fmd-rotary-joints

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      At Hunt Valve, our innovative engineering solutions include specialty hydraulic products such as rotary joints. A rotary joint is usually a one-off design that is specific to the individual customer application. This product can be as simple as a single pass unit or as complex as a multi-stage unit with up to 22 passes.

      The rotary joint is a critical piece of equipment in the steel-making process. They are located in the hot metal mill at the basic oxygen furnace (BOF), in the continuous caster ladle turret and in the argon oxygen decarburization (AOD) process. Any failure at this end of the mill can lead to costly downtime, creating a major outage throughout the entire mill line.

      Our innovative engineering team has the expertise to redesign and upgrade an existing rotary joint, transforming it into a more efficient and reliable product.

    Specialty Cylinders

    • fmd-specialty-cylinders

      Brand: Hunt Valve

      For decades, Hunt Valve has supplied critical-duty specialty cylinders for the steel, aluminum, hydro power and mining industries. Applications include aluminum caster cylinders, aluminum furnace tilt cylinders, hydro dam and gate cylinders and nuclear fuel handling system cylinders.

      Today, we specialize in unique custom design applications where reliability, a long-term service life, a detailed quality assurance program and comprehensive documentation are important.

      Wicket Gate Servomotors
      Hunt Valve’s wicket gate servomotors are custom designed and manufactured to meet the strict quality and reliability requirements of hydro energy applications. These robust designs offer special features such as adjustable stroke limiters, hydraulic locking devices, pivoting piston rods and linear transducers for position feedback.


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