Meet Anthony Jensen, FMD’s Continuous Improvement Champion

Thursday, 11 Jan 2024

Continuous improvement is the key to achieving enduring success, a truth underscored by the firsthand experiences of Anthony Jensen, or AJ to his family, friends, and colleagues. In his capacity as a Senior Industrial Engineer, AJ actively champions positive change within Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD). Serving as a change leader, he initiates and leads change projects daily, fostering a consistently memorable and dynamic work environment.

AJ's journey through various roles, including Labor Jobs, Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, and R&D, has culminated in his current focus on continuous improvement, a role in which he passionately drives positive change. What drew AJ to FMD was the promise of ongoing development and the opportunity to work with a skilled workforce rich in experience. This environment contrasted sharply with his previous roles, offering a unique blend of challenges and rewards. His dedication to addressing the issues he encountered on the production floor is a testament to his commitment to the company's progress.

One of AJ's most significant contributions to FMD has been implementing servant leadership through Daily Layered Accountability (DLA). This collective, proactive approach to identifying and resolving issues during daily meetings instills a sense of ownership and accountability, resulting in the achievement of team goals and performance metrics.

Currently, AJ and the Continuous Improvement team are focused on rolling out a comprehensive 5S initiative, a major step towards shaping a lean, efficient, and proud workplace. The approach, centered on five pillars — Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain — aims to create and maintain an organized and productive work environment.

Anthony articulates the significance of the initiative, stating, “Taking ownership of our areas is about more than just efficiency; it's about reflecting the pride we have in our work. Embracing lean methodologies is not merely about productivity but cultivating a culture where every corner symbolizes our commitment to excellence and care.”

The pursuit of continuous improvement is not confined to Anthony's professional life; it extends into his personal pursuits. Engaging in competitive challenges such as playing darts and participating in national-level paintball tournaments, he extracts valuable lessons from each activity to implement incremental changes that ultimately enhance his overall performance. He's also in the final year of his master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Additionally, AJ finds joy in backpacking and cooking, further embodying his commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of life.

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