Meet John Treft of Federal Equipment Company (FEC)

Thursday, 07 Sep 2023

The complex hoist and conveyor systems developed by the Federal Equipment Company (FEC) have set the standards for defense and commercial uses. Behind all these designs is a team of innovative engineers who often remain unknown but remain dedicated to their work because they know it's critically important to the safety of our nation and the world.

John Treft is the driving force leading these engineers.

John joined the commercial division of TKF in 1985 as a design engineer based on his interest in the various components the company was creating. He advanced to the role of Chief Engineer in 1990. Under his guidance, his engineering team secured patents for the conveyor systems they designed for GM, Nissan, and others. These designs completely changed the way major auto manufacturers operate their assembly lines.

When FEC acquired TKF, John had an opportunity to expand into military projects. Once again, John and his team's engineering solutions would change a traditional standard as they worked with shipbuilders to create a first-of-its-kind stern door with air-operated hoists.

By gaining broader expertise, John took on the role of Engineering Manager for Commercial and Military accounts at FEC before serving as Chief Engineer when Fairbanks Morse Defense acquired FEC. Today, he oversees commercial customers' design and standards and provides design reviews and support for defense customers.

Based on his firm belief that the future is endless, John advises young professionals that they don’t have to know everything all at once. He encourages them to work hard, listen, and learn as they go along.

In his personal time, John enjoys biking, hiking, and snow skiing.

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