Meet Ward Leonard's Chancelor Wyatt - The Man with a Plan

Thursday, 02 Feb 2023

In every situation, Chancelor Wyatt has a plan. Whether it’s a plan for personal development or increasing Ward Leonard’s operational efficiency, Wyatt believes anything is possible as long as there is a gameplan.

Wyatt put his planning skills in action when he joined Ward Leonard as vice president and general manager in 2021, deploying a plan to implement the 80/20 principle to refocus the company’s operations within six months.

“A change of this magnitude would usually take two years, but the Ward Leonard team accomplished this within six months and I could not be more proud of them,” Wyatt said. “Today, our teams share a common understanding of who we are and what we do, and they have enthusiastically embraced the company’s vision. Fairbanks Morse Defense has placed them in a position to do that, and we’re all very excited about the company’s future.”

These days, Wyatt is also applying his planning skills as a member of the Fairbanks Morse Defense DEI committee. Last year, the group was tasked with evaluating current DEI initiatives and identifying new opportunities for recruiting and creating more leadership pathways for women and minorities. The committee recently finalized a strong vision statement and tagline and is now turning its attention to creating a DEI roadmap. Wyatt holds a strong belief that everyone brings value and is committed to ensuring that all employees feel represented, included, and heard.

“DEI efforts really do work when they are authentic and when everyone is respected for what they bring to the table,” Wyatt said. “You get the best version of each team member when they feel included.”

For young professionals just entering the workplace, Wyatt encourages them to take in as much knowledge as they can and focus on developing power skills such as communication, integrity, collaboration and understanding velocity.

“Take any experience you can to get where you want to go. Have a gameplan, follow it, and do not let anything stop you,” Wyatt says.

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