Meet Jordan Nehlsen: From Combat Medic to Navy Contracts Manager

Monday, 06 Nov 2023

Jordan Nehlsen serves as a Senior Program Manager in the Navy Segment at FMD. Responsible for overseeing approximately half of FMD's Navy contracts, Nehlsen takes charge of engine purchase orders from initiation to completion. His meticulous attention to detail is a key factor in ensuring that all aspects of the contract align with FMD's financial objectives.

Nehlsen's daily interactions extend across the United States, the Pacific Ocean, the Middle East, and beyond. He prioritizes making himself available to customers worldwide, diligently addressing their inquiries and troubleshooting any issues that arise throughout the program.

Before joining FMD, Nehlsen dedicated a decade of his life to serving in the US Army as a combat medic. Much of his service was with the 101st Airborne Brigade, including the 2nd battalion of the 506th, a unit made famous by the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers." Nehlsen completed two combat deployments to Afghanistan. During his second deployment, he served as a medical advisor attached to an Afghan battalion, spending 11 months living and fighting alongside the Afghan Army. He reflects on this experience as "one of the most adventurous and certainly the most dangerous" periods of his life, which also marked significant personal growth and maturity.

Nehlsen attributes many of the skills that enable his success in his current career to his time in the military. These include a high tolerance for stress, a strong sense of responsibility, unwavering drive, and deep commitment to his work.

His attraction to FMD stemmed from the company's strong commitment to national defense and its support of the military.

He shared, "Generally speaking, my co-workers at FMD are motivated by the same feelings of patriotism and zeal to support our nation. This is a very niche and unique industry, and one I take great pride in."

During his tenure at FMD, Nehlsen had the opportunity to host the Saudi Arabian and U.S. Navy teams during FMD's final MMSC engine test. He valued this experience for its cross-cultural learning opportunities and for showcasing FMD's capabilities on a global stage.

However, when asked about his proudest accomplishment, Nehlsen pointed to the respect he has earned from both his peers and customers.

"While every day at Fairbanks is not sunshine and roses, the proudest moments for myself and the teams I work with have to be how we handle those cloudy days."

Today, we take pride in highlighting Jordan Nehlsen and look forward to supporting him and all FMD's other veterans as we celebrate Veterans Day this month.

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