Meet Monica Rogers - Maxim's Multitalented Maven

Thursday, 07 Dec 2023

Monica Rogers’ journey with Maxim began as a leap of faith, transitioning from a career in the newspaper industry to dive into an entirely new and unique field. Over a decade later, she's keeping that energetic pace.

Wearing multiple hats is just another day in Monica's life. As she navigates her role as Maxim’s dynamic General Manager. Her unwavering commitment to building and nurturing excellent customer relationships remains a top priority. Monica's days are filled with presenting Maxim’s impressive portfolio to potential and current clients, organizing the OE proposal process, and being the go-to person for potential customers throughout the proposal review and contract award process.

But that's not all. Monica takes the lead in reviewing contracts for new custom-engineered projects. She continues to shine as a customer liaison and steps into the role of Program Manager for these projects. On top of that, Monica is also a certified internal auditor for Maxim’s QMS and serves as the team's backup for the Quality/Safety Manager.

And because there's always room for a little more, Monica adds a sprinkle of joy as Maxim’s resident holiday decorator and party planner.

Monica thrives in the collaborative atmosphere at Maxim, finding accomplishment in supporting the team. Her proudest moments are a testament to the team's collective efforts, like securing the contract for the Electronics Cooling System for the DDG 51 Flight III Guided Missile Destroyers when Maxim had just seven employees.

Another feather in Monica's cap is the team's success in landing the Main Desalination Plant (SWRO & HPRO) contract for the Constellation class frigates. This achievement is particularly impressive considering the relatively young age of the reverse osmosis product line and the initial focus on commercial clients.

Recently, Monica had the opportunity to meet in person with the Subcontracts team at Ingalls Shipbuilding. The trip left a lasting impression, and Monica vividly recalls the breathtaking sight of the shipyard against the backdrop of a setting sun during their drive to Pascagoula.

“Driving to Pascagoula the day before the meeting, we drove over this small bridge on I-10, and looking off to the right, in the distance, we could see the shipyard,” Rogers says. “The sun was setting behind the big cranes….it was like we were traveling to the Land of Oz.”

Now, with a decade of industry experience, Monica shares some golden advice for aspiring professionals. First, she advocates for patience. And then, drawing from her own journey, Monica encourages newcomers to reach out for help in this vast industry, assuring them that there are many great people willing to lend a hand. Her final piece of wisdom? "Never give up!"

Monica's resilience, team spirit, and adaptability have propelled her far beyond her roots in the local newspaper business. As she continues to grow and contribute to Maxim's success, Monica remains an inspiring force for Maxim and Fairbanks Morse Defense.

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