Ram-style electromechanical actuators provide motion and force utilizing a drive screw; either a ball, roller, or ACME screw. A mating nut traverses the length of the screw and is attached to the inner ram of the unit. When the screw is rotated, either by a motor or hand wheel, motion of the rod and a thrust force is achieved. This style of unit is exceptionally suited for providing axial loads, in either tension or compression, but is not well suited for side loading without an external guidance system.


    Ram-style actuators provide a high level of movement accuracy and notable reliability. These units are commonly used in pivoting or press scenarios but can be implemented in a wide range of applications. Here are some areas where these units are well-suited:

    • High forces and loads
    • Food grade or washdown environments
    • Pivoting, pressing, or inserting actions


    • Thrust loads that range in excess of 19,000 lb-f (84.5kN)
    • Standard stroke lengths up to 60 inches (1,524mm)
    • Travel speeds up to 79.2 in/sec (2.01m/s)


    • Multiple screw types and leads for each frame size
    • Configurable stroke lengths to the nearest millimeter
    • Configurable mounting options, drive configurations, and drive adapters
    • Food-grade and environmentally resistant variations
    • Personalized application support from our engineering and design teams
    • We also offer custom actuators designed for your application


    Victory A-Series Ram-Style Electromechanical Actuators



      Even small variations can make a big difference to the performance and versatility of electromechanical actuators. Because requirements differ, Victory A-Series Actuators can be configured to meet specific applications, including those in harsh environments. Hunt’s extensive design and engineering experience makes all the difference to provide equipment builders and end users an economical, heavy-duty, clean, efficient and precise alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.

      The Victory A-Series allows the user to maintain better thrust and speed control with low maintenance needs. When combined with servo motors and controls, the Victory A-Series actuators provide nearly infinite programmability, reduced set-up times, and better control over:

      - Thrust
      - Speed
      - Acceleration/Deceleration
      - Force
      - Position

      These electromechanical actuators are perfect for moving loads that pivot, for applying force to an externally supported load, and for environments where there is a high concentration of airborne contaminants. The tubular design increases the sealing and connection strength between the outer housing components; and with unparalleled flexibility in housing material selection and in mounting features, these actuators are adaptable to almost any environment and application.

      Screw versions and options include ballscrew assemblies for high-duty cycle requirements, ACME/trapezoidal lead screws for lighter duty cycles, and planetary rollerscrews for increased load and life requirements.


      Hunt’s engineers designed the Victory A-Series with users in mind. Some benefits of this product line include:

      - Flexibility for use with ball screws, roller screws or ACME screws to suit unique load, speed, and duty cycle requirements
      - Internal anti-rotation design of the rod to prevent the load or tooling from rotating as it translates
      - Long ram guide bearing to provide smooth extension and retraction of the rod
      - Wiper and seal protection against the ingress of liquids and particles
      - Standard ISO rod-end attachments available for affordable and industry standard connection to the load
      - Chrome-plated inner ram (stainless steel for food grade units) to increase corrosion resistance
      - Screw support bushing reduces whipping and vibration of the screw to increase dynamic performance and reduce noise
      - Bumpers protect the internal components from minor accidental over-travel mishaps
      - High-capacity angular contact bearings ensure long-life and high thrust capacity
      - High-strength timing belt provides long-life and precise transfer of motion on parallel motor mount options
      - Multiple mounting options for pivoting and rigidly mounted applications
      - Parallel motor mounting reduces overall length and allows for rear clevis mounting
      - Stainless steel primary rod-ends on all variations for durability
      - Rod-end mounted central lube port simplifies maintenance by allowing re-lubrication of the entire unit at any stroke position
      - Aluminum exterior construction reduces system weight and cost
      - Adjustable position sensors provide over-travel protection and indication of position; dual T-slots allow for  positioning at any location along entire stroke of the unit- Motor adaption flexibility allows the use of any reasonably-sized motor


      - Designed to handle appreciable loads, speeds, and duties
      - Standard stroke lengths up to 1,524mm (60 inches) available in 1mm increments
      - Standard capable thrust loads up to 11,865 lb-f
      - Modular frame, mounting, rod-end, and drive execution designs
      - Standard internal anti-rotation of the thrust rod Internal end-of-stroke shock absorbers
      - Corrosion resistant material construction
      - Available food-grade and full stainless steel designs
      - Easily and infinitely adjustable proximity limit sensors
      - Flexible adaptation for most motor selections
      - Capable of being implemented in any orientation Made in the U.S.

    Victory A-Series Food Grade Ram-Style Actuators

    • fmd-actuators-ram-style-victory-a-series-food-grade-2

      Victory A-Series Food Grade Actuators are designed to perform in food production, food packaging, pharmaceutical manufacturing applications, and other extreme environments.


      - Anodized aluminum body construction coated in food-grade epoxy paint
      - 300 series stainless steel inner ram and rod-ends
      - IP67 ingress protection to prevent intrusion of liquids and particulates
      - Food-grade rod wipers and seals
      - Easily and infinitely adjustable proximity limit sensors
      - Predictable and reliable motion, L10 life, and maintenance intervals
      - FG1 option is available across the extent of the Victory A-Series line
      - Made in the U.S.


      - Full 300 series stainless steel exterior construction
      - IP67 ingress protection to prevent intrusion of liquids and particulates
      - Food-grade rod wipers and seals
      - Easily and infinitely adjustable proximity limit sensors
      - Ideal for caustic environments
      - Predictable and reliable motion, L10 life, and maintenance intervals
      - FG2 option is available across the extent of the Victory A-Series line
      - Made in the U.S.

    VARIOLine Ram-Style Actuators / Liner Motion Actuators

    • fmd-actuators-ram-style-varionline-2

      The VARIOLine ram-style linear motion actuator is fully integrated linear drive units built on an aluminum profile that incorporate ball screw drives and an internal ball bearing guidance system. This design offers an economical solution for linear motion applications that provides smooth and reliable force transference between the actuator and the load.


      - Frame design that utilizes extruded aluminum profiles
      - Two frame sizes
      - Thrust capabilities up to 787 lb-f
      - Travel speeds up to 1.5 m/sec (59 in/sec)
      - Acceleration magnitudes of 65.6 ft/sec2
      - Positional repeatability of 0.001 inches Ideal for Z-axis pick-and-place applications
      - Customizable stroke lengths and motor adaptations
      - Made in the U.S.


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