High Temperature

    High temperature fans stand as resilient engineering solutions tailored to thrive in extreme heat environments. These specialized fans are designed to withstand and efficiently operate in elevated temperature conditions, often encountered in industrial processes such as metal smelting, glass manufacturing, and foundries.

    With the ability to endure temperatures well beyond the capabilities of standard fans, high temperature fans become critical components for maintaining optimal working conditions, ensuring equipment longevity, and enhancing safety in extreme heat applications. Their robust construction, heat-resistant materials, and precise engineering make them indispensable assets in environments where the demand for durability and reliability is paramount.



    • Chlorination, regeneration, and cooling blowers for continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR)
    • High temperature oven air circulation and homogenizing
    • Glass manufacturing float furnaces and annealing ovens
    • Incinerator exhausters
    • Heat Treating

    Parts & Service

    Fairbanks Morse Defense offers an extensive portfolio of services to optimize performance, ensure reliability, and extend the life of your fleet - from the day its commissioned and for the many years that follow. Learn more about what our custom solutions can do for you.

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    Commercial Solutions

    In addition to the defense industry, Fairbanks Morse Defense also works with the commercial industry. Our commercial customers can include municipal and nuclear power plants, hospitals, universities, and international stationary power applications.

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